Transform your hoverboard into a go-kart with GoToWheels !

The GoToWheels Hoverboard Kart is here!
Imagine turning your hoverboard into a powered go-kart in a few seconds. That is exactly what you will be able to do with GoToWheels kart.

This hoverboard into go-kart accessory uses a very simple yet ingenious idea. Why not use the existing hoverboard technology, especially the pressure sensitive foot pads to create a neat little attachment with a seat, that will turn it into a steering handles operated go-kart.


This brilliant hoverboard attachment attaches a frame to the hoverboard with a seat on it and a third small wheel in front. The point where the accessory is strapped on to the hoverboard has the steering handle bars, which when moved up or down do the same job as the feet do when you press forward or backward on the hoverboard’s foot pads.

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This simple yet brilliant idea will let you enjoy your hoverboard standing up and sitting down. As a free flowing two-wheel balance board and as a steering handles controlled three wheel go-kart. Simply awesome we say.

GoToWheels hoverboard into go-kart accessory can be strapped on to any hoverboard no matter what the wheel size, in just a few seconds. Once strapped into place you just sit on the molded seat and go kart to your heart’s content.

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The GoToWheels hoverboard converted go-kart will have all the capabilities of the original hoveroard. Which means it can support a person with weight up till 200 pounds, move at the max speed of the hoverboard, which is around 12 miles per hour, turn with a zero turning radius, go about 12 miles on one full charge and because of the third wheel you will also be able to easily move across uneven surfaces like grass or dirt paths, where your hoverboard will be difficult to ride.

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The best part is that strapping on this go-art accessory does not affect your hoverboard in any way. You can unstrap it and ride your hoverboard the normal way within seconds. It’s almost like buying a convertible that goes from a motorbike to a car and vice a versa whenever you want it to.